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Riding Lessons, Equine Therapy, Counseling, St. Louis, Therapy,

Hillsboro, Jefferson County, Christian counseling, horses,

Therapist, depression, divorce, ptsd, Equine assisted therapy, EAGALA


Equine Assisted Therapy, St. Louis, Counseling, Equine Therapy, Hillsboro, Jefferson County, Missouri, Christian Counseling, Therapy, family counseling, addictions, depression, bullying, ptsd, therapy, Comtree, Bridle Ridge Acres, EAT, EAGALA, play therapy, therapist, girls, boys, team building, activities, empowerment, facility, eating disorder


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Shiloh Stables provides Equine Assisted Therapy (counseling), Team Building, Professional Development and riding lessons to the St. Louis area.

Equine Assisted Therapy, Counseling, Christian Counseling, St. Louis, therapy, horses, Jefferson County
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