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How To Help


Many people ask how they can help us minister to survivors of sex trafficking, abuse, trauma and the many others we serve.  We invite you to check our our list of needed material. You can also make a monetary donation or attend a fundraiser.  Please contact us through our website if you are able to help.





Horses For Hope

Horses For Hope is a fundraiser sponsored by Hillsboro High School's Interact Club. It's goal is to raise funds for victims of sex trafficking to receive Equine Assisted Therapy from Shiloh Stables.  See the video below to see how horses are aiding in the process of healing for these girls. 


















Needs for 2023!

* Construction cones - all sizes

* PVC pipe- 6'-10'

* Hula Hoops

* Equestrian Jumps

* Craft Project: a man made out of milk jugs

* Large equine ball

* Rubber 12" or larger balls - no pictures or words on them. We call them our "feeling balls"

* Sidewalk Chalk

* 1 Large blanket to sit on grass for our clients to journal on


Thank you to all of you who have donated!

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