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"When I was first introduced t equine therapy, I admit I was a litle skeptical and uncertain about it.  However, through interacting with the horses in the arena, I have discovered a 'safe' place to process the trauma of my past.  For the first time ever, I have taken steps toward healing in an environment that is emotionally secure for me.  Instead of continuing to run and hide from my past, I am finding freedom to confront and heal from it." ~ Client



"Our daughter came out to Shiloh Stables for a half hour of Equine Assisted Therapy.  She is 33 years old and was sexually abused and gang raped as a child. She has been in and out of counseling and currently in a residential center. We have given up hope for her to ever open up to anyone or have a good grasp on reality.  We also had resigned ourselves to the fact that she was incapable of learning.

We came to Shiloh Stables as a last ditch effort as we struggle for anything to work.  When our daughter was introduced to one of the horses, she began instantly connecting with the horse and participating in the activity Stephanie and Peggy had for her. She began to smile and laugh and opened up about her trauma without a single question asked her about it. She began to open up about her thoughts as she stroked the horse and connected with him.

Since then, we have noticed a big change in her. She seems more confident, empowered and peaceful than I ever remember. She has been thinking with more clarity and with self-awareness.  We are totally flabbergasted.  Thank you so much Stephanie and Peggy! What a difference a half-hour can make!"

~Desperate Mom



"Our family is experiencing a heart-shattering situation involving one of our children. Despite several well-intentioned offers of help by way of counsel, books, words of encouragement...NOTHING made an impact. Until I spent time at Shiloh Stables First there was prayer - sincere intercession for our family. Then accompanied by a few horses,  I was guided into a safe "inner" place to address the overwhelming emotions that had kept me in constant despair.  I cannot say how it works, but I found myself opening up and gaining new understanding, moving to a place of insight and clarity I never even imagined possible. As I interacted with Peggy and these gentle creatures, I found the strength and wisdom I truly need to move forward. I am forever grateful to see how this amazing kind of therapy changed me.  It is powerful! "




I have appreciated the assistance of Shiloh Stables Equine Assisted Counseling, in my private practice as a LPC. I had been working with a 10 yr. old female who had been affected by the hostile divorce of her parents.  My client felt in the middle and often “frozen” in knowing how to go about being in relationship with both of them.  Equine Therapy helped my client feel empowered by seeing her own strength and power by thinking outside the box to get better results for herself. My client became better able to face her fears and confront her feelings"

- Bonnie M. Rudden, LPC



"I have found incorporating EAC into my practice has been very helpful! My clients are able to express themselves without expressing verbally what they are thinking and feeling through the help of building a relationship with the horses and the experience of the professionals to make their story safe for them."

- Referring Counselor




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