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Referring Counselors


When you refer a client to Shiloh Stables you are getting a treatment team.  We welcome you to attend and participate in any of the sessions with your client.  Our licensed Proffessional Counselor will send you a detailed report after each session so the client can debrief with you in an office visit.  Each session is tailored to your client and their needs.  To learn more go to our About Us page










"I have appreciated the assistance of Shiloh Stables Equine Assisted Counseling, in my private practice as a LPC. I had been working with a 10 yr. old female who had been affected by the hostile divorce of her parents.  My client felt in the middle and often “frozen” in knowing how to go about being in relationship with both of them.  Equine Therapy helped my client feel empowered by seeing her own strength and power by thinking outside the box to get better results for herself. My client became better able to face her fears and confront her feelings"

- Bonnie M. Rudden, LPC

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