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Referring Counselors


When you refer a client to Shiloh Stables you are getting a treatment team.  We welcome you to attend and participate in any of the sessions with your client.  Our licensed Proffessional Counselor will send you a detailed report after each session so the client can debrief with you in an office visit.  Each session is tailored to your client and their needs. We are certified through EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association).  To learn more visit or to our About Us page


Here are a few ways the EAGALA model can help you and your clients


1. Effectiveness.

The EAGALA model creates interactive sessions with horses that allow clients and therapists to “see” where the problems are and find ways to solve them.

In the sessions, the focus is on doing, being active in-the moment, and finding solutions that provide faster, more permanent change. It is effective for clients of all ages and conditions.


2. Uncovers the REAL client, quickly.

Through experiential activities, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy helps you to immediately see how couples and individuals act and react to different situations, giving you a clearer picture of what you need to do to help.


3. Professionalism.

The EAGALA model requires a licensed mental health care professional and an experienced horse professional working together as a team for the benefit of the client. EAGALA certification requires intensive training, continuing education, and adherence to a high standard of practice and ethics.


4. Makes the Process More Engaging.

Because Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is active and effective, the process is more engaging for both you and your clients. Once a horse enters the equation, everyone is instantly attentive and engaged in the process.


5. Gets Clients Past the Sticking Points.

Everyone can hit a wall in therapy where the client remains stuck in old patterns and attitudes. The EAGALA model can help you and your clients get out of the rut and back on track.


6. Great for Individuals and Groups.

Whether working with individuals or groups, the horses provide powerful opportunities to address social skills, communication issues, and other dynamics necessary for healthy, meaningful relationships.


7. Provides Real Solutions.

EAGALA offers a model of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy where therapists and clients alike are excited by the process. Whether used

for treating all forms of addiction, trauma, social and behavioral disorders, and other issues, clients find the sessions meaningful leading to real and long-lasting change.

-EAGALA's 7 Reasons Therapist Flier





"I have appreciated the assistance of Shiloh Stables Equine Assisted Counseling, in my private practice as a LPC. I had been working with a 10 yr. old female who had been affected by the hostile divorce of her parents.  My client felt in the middle and often “frozen” in knowing how to go about being in relationship with both of them.  Equine Therapy helped my client feel empowered by seeing her own strength and power by thinking outside the box to get better results for herself. My client became better able to face her fears and confront her feelings" - Bonnie M. Rudden, LPC

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